Extra Brut

Vine: Chardonnay 45%, Black Pinot 15%
Vineyard size: 10 hectares.
Terrain type: morainic terrain with stone presence.
Training system: guyot.
Vine Density: 4500 plants/hectares
Yield: 9 tons per hectare
Harvest: August
Vinification: hand picked selected grapes, soft pneumatic crushing, fermentation in steel tuns at controlled temperature.
Aging: 7 months, in steel.
Second fermentation: the spring following harvest.
Yeast aging: 20 months on the lees.
Post disgorging aging: 3-4 months.
# of bottles per year: 5.000
Tasting notes:bright straw-yellow almost golden color, extra fine and persistent perlage, complex and strong scent, with notes of white fruit, citrus fruits and bread crust; dry, pleasantly fresh and properly sapid taste.

Pairing: can be drunk during any course; best with seafood and raw fish.

As We match

Manzo all'olio

Franciacorta ExtraBrut, due to the low amount of sugar contained, is a dry product with proper sapidity. Its natural property of resetting and preparing the mouth after every sip makes it perfect to be paired with strong main dishes like Manzo all’olio, traditional dish of Rovato, which is yet another one of the most famous and old recipes of the Franciacorta territory tradition. Despite being made using very few ingredients (beef, anchovies, olive oil and bread) is characterized by a strong and full flavor.

A name a face

Caterina Ambrosini

Caterina Ambrosini is the symbol of the family and its simple farming roots from which everything started. Wife of Lorenzo Ambrosini, had a leading role in the beginning of the last century helping her husband starting the business - originally concentrated on farming and raising livestock.

The ExtraBrut Santa Caterina in’t completely dry nor too sweet as well. A properly sapid wine, surprisingly fresh, showing its true identity; firmly enriching food without altering its taste: the very same determined and sincere spirit that has always denoted Caterina Ambrosini.