“…wonderful light that makes robes vibrant and bright".
Moretto - Virgin Mary with baby. Dress detail.

Vine: Chardonnay 70% Black Pinot 20% White Pinot 10%.
Vineyard size: 10 hectares.
Terrain type: morainic terrain with stone presence.
Training system: guyot.
Vine Density: 4500 plants/hectares
Yield: 9000 kg of grapes
Harvest: end of august
Vinification: hand picked selected grapes, soft pneumatic crushing, fermentation in steel tuns at controlled temperature.
Aging: 7 months, in steel.
Second fermentation: the spring following harvest.
Yeast aging: at least 20 months.
Post disgorging aging: 3-4 months.
# of bottles per year: 20.000
Tasting notes:straw-yellow color with golden reflection, fine and persistent perlage, elegant and delicate flowery scent, balanced, soft and properly sapid taste.

Pairing: can be drunk during any course; perfect also during an aperitif.
Magnum Brut DOCG:3 lt - 6 lt - 9 lt Wooden boxes.

As We match

Spiedo bresciano

Spiedo Bresciano, traditional dish in Franciacorta, deeply tied to family tradition, is prepared by Marco with passion and dedication, second-born of the Ambrosini family, following the traditional recipe guarded by his grandfather.

The Spiedo, which is a combination of pork, beef and wild meat coming from the surrounding farms, is ember-roasted for 6 hours, using wood coming from our vineyard which ensures an even heat distribution and enriches meat's flavor with its scent. The dish is paired with Brut Franciacorta, a properly sapid wine that doesn’t interfere with the strong taste of Spiedo and actually enriches the tasting experience thanks to its ability of resetting and preparing the mouth after every sip.

A name a face

Marco Ambrosini

Second-born to Sergio and Giovanna Ambrosini, Marco is a committed proponent of local tradition. His shy but direct personality perfectly reflects two aspects of the family tradition: soil and vineyard.

Marco is deeply in love with the Franciacorta territory; he takes care daily of the plots of land belonging to the family estate that will yield his wine: Brut Ambrosini, with which he shares his straight, direct character that removes every unnecessary tasting note.